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Welcome to my private blog, which is not affiliated with any company or profitable institution. My name is Dr. Ahmed Khaled, a student at the Faculty of Medicine. I love blogging and sharing my experiences and my culture that I studied in the University and my daily life on the Internet in general. I like blogging in the field of medicine and health, so I provide you this information through my studies and my culture And my experience, you can consult me for free by contacting me, and I will never spare you any information as long as I know it. I hope you can benefit from this blog and be trusted by you.

Clear to me that you are looking for some valid and effective information related to weight loss, fitness, and health. Right!

 If you are looking for some effective and ‘doable’ free diet plans, you are at the right spot. Ah! Just in case you are curious… No, we don’t believe in fat-shaming? We respect the ultimate state of being healthy at all sizes and shapes. Thanks for stopping by. Explore, enjoy, and stay healthy.

Your health is what you make of it. The real distinction between healthy and unhealthy is giving a damn about your body, and making sure you do something ‐ heck, anything ‐ consistently so that you can live a long, active life, take care of yourself, and take care of others in this world.


In the end, what works for me might not necessarily work for you, but still, I have no doubt that you’ll have no trouble finding a few recipes that fit YOUR current beliefs and circumstances.